What is Management Accounting?

Management accounting is all about doing what's right for the organisation so that you can achieve your financial goals. 

To be able to achieve your financial goals it's important to make sure the employees are aware of how they can cooperate so both their goals and the organisations are going in the same direction. To be able to achieve this they can use different solutions that involves, measurements, controls, surveys with earnings and costs, planning, calculations, budgeting and so on.

To make the management accounting more efficient many companies and organisations use a system for planning and decision making

Management Accounting Business

As earlier mentioned, it's important to use efficient routines tomake sure the organisation’s financial goals are going in the right direction. Within management accounting another important factor is financial information which can be useful in decision making. So called financial ratio.

By using and comparing different financial ratio you get a good overview within the business. Financial ratio can be divided in:

  • Profitability 

  • Activity

  • Financial measures 

Within management accounting it’s expected to monitor, analyze and evaluate the business budget. This phase is very important because it verifies if the implemented strategies are working and are being used.  

Except for this, management accounting includes, figures and calculation. The primary use of calculations is to monitor financial income and expenses, which is important for decision makers within the organisation. The calculations can be used for pricing, purchases of products or monitoring customers and their behaviors online.  

External Help with Management Accounting 

As you might notice, management accounting includes a bunch of different parameters that sometimes can be hard to understand. Many organisations receive help from different kinds of decision-making system and consultants within business intelligence to gain a good profitability and efficiency. 

With Mercur being active for over 40 years we have had the opportunity to help over a hundred different organisations with management accounting just by using our system Mercur Business Control. Our efficient system for making decisions are being used by a lot of different companies and industries in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Something we are really proud of. 98% of our customers also admit making better decisions after having implemented Mercur Business control. 

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