7 insights that will make your reporting better!

What makes reports easy to read and compelling to the eyes? Mercur wanted to know, and conducted a user study in the spring of 2017. 

With the use of eye tracking technology we analysed how users with different skill levels would read reports, and how the layout would impact the speed and accuracy of decision making. 

The results?

As a result, we concluded 7 recommendations considering how reports and dashboards should be designed to be appealing, to minimise risk of errors, increase reading and decision speed. 

Did you know, for example, that finding a maximum value in a table takes twice as long as it would in a chart? Or that big numbers and headlines often draw the most attention? That you can change the normal reading pattern (from left to right) by using colors? Or that, in general, economists don’t pay as much attention to background images as non-economists?

Read our conclusions and recommendations by ordering the report here!


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