Saab's journey into the future with
Mercur Business Control

Saab's purchase of Mercur was the result of some years of reflections and discussions on how to replace an existing system that handled customer contracts in the Gripen projects. Now Mercur also has been introduced to support analysis, budgeting and forecasting. Saab finds that Mercur is a flexible system and the company sees many new areas of use that can help improve and streamline operational management and decision-making.

Why Mercur?

Ulrika Klaar, Business Management at Gripen, explains why they chose Mercur:

  1. "It is a flexible system, information blocks can be assembled in structures, which suits us."

  2. "It is Excel-like, which is an advantage when dealing with finance people; they love Excel and use it happily for everything."

  3. "It's easy to make your own reports, which is necessary if you make an adjustment."

Gains with Mercur 

The biggest gains Saab have experienced with Mercur is that they have become more efficient with quality assured processes and improved capabilities for analysis. Less work with Excel, replaced by standardized forms, has speeded up the process by several weeks. The information in the system is "owned" by the person entering it and everyone has access to the information. This is far from the previous situation when the data was transferred manually from Excel to a single-user system from where only one person could produce reports.

The analysis features have become better and faster. Aggregations can be done at different levels, it can be sliced in different ways and there is drill-down functionality. The finance department as well as business controllers are taking advantage of the benefits. The controller role has evolved - from being a collector of information, to an analytical role.

Saab offers world-class solutions, products and services for military defense and civil security. Saab Aeronautics, with operations primarily in Linköping, is one of Saab's business areas. The business area develops and manufactures the Gripen fighter. Aeronautics also manufactures aircraft components for commercial passenger aircraft and is a supplier to the commercial aerospace producers. The product portfolio also includes an unmanned helicopter system. Aeronatics sales represent about 27% of the total sales of the Saab group.




















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