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The retail industry meets changing consumption patterns, tightened margins and increased competition from e-commerce. We have worked for several years with clients in the retail and distribution industry, where we have developed various solutions to handle the challenging demands on performance management of the industry. 


  • Improve profitability, identify profitable or unprofitable products.

  • Manage multiple companies or business units with different business models within the same system for performance management.

  • Great need to be able to quickly analyze and react on various types of information from data warehouses or different source systems.

Our solutions: 

  • Integrate Mercur Busines Control with the data warehouse and create an interface for daily automatic updates that allow for dynamic reports that allow you to drill down to details, individual transactions and scanned invoices.

  • Daily monitoring of sales for example by product group or article.

  • Analysis of sales per weekday, taking account of major holidays.

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