Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Fast, easy , flexible and cost effective! All information for Business Control in one place. Mercur Business Control helps you manage the challenges in your business and allows you to focus on what is important .

Enhanced business insight for better results

Mercur Business Control is integrated with your ERP system and other relevant sources of information, such as production, sales or HR systems. This allows information from multiple information sources or databases to be compiled, processed, translated and analyzed in Mercur Business Control. Having all this information in one common solution, users can concentrate on making decisions about the future instead of worrying about which data to apply.

Varje nivå kan nyttja systemet utifrån sina krav beroende på funktion eller affärsområde.

All users can use the system according to their requirements, depending on the role, function or business area.

Where and when you want

Mercur Business Control is offered as traditional on premise solution or as cloud solution. If you choose the cloud, the only infrastructure required is a Web browser and an Internet connection, which gives a quick start and minimizes both the initial investment and the need for ongoing system management. Either way you will have all the benefits of full accessibility allowing you to work from different locations, simultaneously with others in the company.

For employees at all levels

With Mercur Business Control, each unit has access to system support relevant to their business, enabling them to use the system according to their needs - depending on the function, line of business or part of the organization. While meeting diverse needs of different lines of business, the system also provides a comprehensive picture of the entire company with common concepts, rules and calculations. When managers at all levels have a greater understanding of the financial situation and the business goals, participation will increase and create more motivated and results-oriented employees.

The right information to the right person

Mercur Business Control handles many users and large volumes of data in a geographically dispersed organization, allowing reporting and analysis to be be done in parallel with input from users and data imports. In addition Mercur Business Control's advanced permissions system ensures that each user only has access to the parts of the system and the information that has been defined.

Simple and cost-effective

For Mercur, simplicity is a beacon. It must be simple and cost effective to install solutions for performance management and business intelligence. We configure and install Mercur Business Control for you usually within one or a few months from project start. A cost-effective process with minimal effort from you as a customer. The system will quickly become operational and create tangible results in terms of cost control, better decision support, more commitment and more effective planning and reporting processes.

Competence that takes you into the future

By choosing Mercur Business Control, you will have a market-leading solution for performance management and business intelligence. The system is built from the ground up to meet the high demands placed by both medium and large companies and organizations. Furthermore, you will have Mercur Solutions as partner. We offer experienced professionals, who understand your changing needs, with extensive skills in both finance, performance management, IT and project management.



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