The right information for all levels

A key success factor for all businesses and organizations is the availability of the correct and timely information for each target group.

Corporate management

Clear and rapid presentation of business-critical information.

All information for the management is presented quickly with indicators , graphs and tables in transparent dashboards , optimally configured for your specific reporting and analysis needs. Simulate new scenarios based on the latest plan or work with strategic planning and long-term forecasts .

Using scorecards you can quickly and clearly present business critical information and steer against targets grouped by different perspectives, such as financial, customer, process, personnel or environmental perspectives.

Operational management

Operations-planning, performance management and monitoring of all functions

With all the information you need from different parts of the organization, such as production , human resources, sales, marketing and purchasing, in one place, you will have  a complete picture of the company when it comes to actual performance, trend analysis and comparison against plans. 

You choose how detailed your input will be:

  • personnel budgeting at the individual level

  • investment planning with depreciations

  • project planning

  • volume budeting with price lists

  • simple planning by income and expense types

  • etc.

With Mercur for strategic targets management, you also get a continuous overview of how the organization is performing against targets, both i terms of status and trend, and the activities planned to achieve the objectives. 


Financial and performance management without time-consuming compilation

With Mercur Business Control you will receive data in a structured way from the different parts of your organization, both regarding actuals and plans, and you will avoid unnecessary time to collect and compile the information. Data is presented in clear reports, which enable a comprehensive analysis on any aggregation level and detailed analysis by drilling down. Mercur lets you create your reports with a push of the button and save time for value adding analysis.

Mercur Business Control's integrated work process control clearly shows the status of your employees in your performance management processes and you can easily send reminders spontaneously or by predefined deadlines. You can also generate reporting packages compiled as PDF, Powerpoint or Excel files, which can then be distributed either scheduled or triggered by alerts.

Line managers

Increased participation and greater understanding of corporate goals.

Get access to information related to your daily activities and follow your expenses through transparent reports, easily modified and saved as indvidual report states, and allowing you to drill down to individual transactions and invoices. For example, make a detailed plan based on drivers and instantly compile your report, comments and documents, or stay in control of your projects with ongoing deviation analysis.


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