Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Fast, easy , flexible and cost effective! All information for Business Control in one place. Mercur Business Control helps you manage the challenges in your business and allows you to focus on what is important .

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Enhanced business insight for better results

Mercur Business Control is integrated with your ERP system and other relevant sources of information like production, sales and HR systems. Having all this information in one common solution, users can concentrate on making decisions about the future instead of worrying about which data to apply.

Some other features are:

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Budgeting & Forecasting

Mercur Business Control supports all types of planning processes and handles traditional budgeting as well as forecasting for any time period, including rolling forecasts. 

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Planning with better control and higher quality

By using the system's flexible input functionality your planning processes become easier and faster. History and reference information in the input form, including access to detailed information and scanned invoices, provides good support for the user when making assessments about the future.
You will find support for any planning horizon, whether it is the annual budget, a rolling forecast, strategic plan or long-term forecast.

Some other features are:

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Reporting & Analysis

Planning for the future and analysis of actual results in one single system. Mercur Business Control becomes the primary tool for analysis for the whole organization and meets all requirements for both fixed and flexible reports and dynamic analysis.

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Analysis and planning in the same place

The result of the planning process is presented instantly and together with your actuals, providing you with a clear devation analysis.. Each user can quickly analyze their own business and break down the reports to individual transactions.

Some other features are: 

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Strategic Targets Management

Go from strategies to action with Mercur Business Control! The system's integrated module for strategic targets management provides you with even more support for effective performance management as a complement to the traditional budgeting and forecasting processes, all within the same solution.

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Strategic Targets for efficient operations management

With Mercur for stragegic targets management you get a continuous overview of how the organization is performing in relation to the targets, both in terms  of status and trend, and the activities planned to achieve the objectives.

Strategic Targets Management may be used for:

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