Make better decisions
with Mercur Business Control

Corporate Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Corporate Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Your solution for corporate performance management & business intelligence. With all your information in one solution you can make better informed decisions.

Handle large data volumes

With Mercur Business Control it's easy to handle large data volumes and transform it into actionable insights. In our intuitive business intelligence dashboards you can monitor your business, understand trends and make more informed decisions with your new insight into the finacial and operational numbers. With all your data in Mercur Business Control you don't have to manage reports and analyse data in spreadsheets anymore, say hello to your new solution for corporate performance management and business intelligence.

With Mercur's intuitive business intelligence dashboard you will be able to monitor your business growth


Deliver your insights

Deliver your insights to colleagues and work proactively against your business goals. It's easy to collaborate across different departments in Mercur Business Control. By choosing Mercur Business Control, you'lll have the market-leading solution for corporate performance management and business intelligence.



Enhanced business insight for better results

Improve your insights with Mercur Business Control. Fully integrate your ERP system and additional sources of information like; production, sales and HR systems and concentrate on making better decisions for the future based on accurate data.

With role based access to Mercur Business Control and automated reporting you can build collaboration across your organization

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