Corporate Social Responsibility at Mercur

At Mercur, we take our social responsibility seriously and work towards creating the future we desire for our employees, society, and the planet.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, which translates to a company's commitment to society or social responsibility. CSR incorporates economic, environmental, and social issues, influencing how we operate, conduct ourselves, and even our approach to product development at Mercur.

Environmental Sustainability

Most of our actions have an impact on the environment in one way or another. At Mercur, we consider environmental sustainability to be of paramount importance, and we work diligently on these issues in our daily operations.

Workplace Safety

Mercur strives to provide a safe and stimulating working environment built on respect and trust for individuals. Additionally, we aim to be proactive in maintaining our employees' health and well-being.

This means:

  •  Conducting operations in a healthy work environment.

  •  Ensuring a safe and purposeful workspace for employees.

  • Providing employees the opportunity to influence their work environment.

  • Considering workplace aspects during operational changes.

  • Encouraging employees to take responsibility for their workplace environment.

  • Equipping both managers and employees with the necessary knowledge of workplace-related matters to maintain a healthy work environment.

  • Promoting stress prevention and work-life balance.

Climate and Environmental Impact

Mercur actively engages in environmental efforts to reduce the company's environmental footprint through continuous improvements. 

Our goals include:

  •  Minimizing climate and environmental impact by replacing physical meetings with digital alternatives whenever possible.

  • Opting for eco-friendly transportation options for business travel.

  • Striving to reduce resource consumption and minimize transportation needs.

  • Reducing consumption of precious natural resources through recycling and waste reduction.

  • Minimizing paper consumption through digitalization.

IT Reuse – Phones and Computers

Sustainable IT reuse and resource efficiency at Mercur

At Mercur, we take pride in our dedicated efforts to promote sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. By taking actions that encourage the reuse of IT equipment and mobile phones, we aim to maximize resource efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Exchange and Reuse for Extended Lifespan

Our clear policy involves replacing mobile phones and computers every three years. This strategy not only allows us to use the latest technology but also reduces the risk of unnecessary electronic waste disposal. If a device becomes non-functional before its planned replacement cycle, we invest in older models or utilize equipment from former employees. Prioritizing reuse and extended lifespans helps reduce our consumption of new resources and electronics.

Partnerships for Sustainable Recycling

Our collaboration with Dustin is a crucial part of our sustainability strategy. Together with Dustin, we work to ensure that older mobile phones, computers, screens, and other equipment no longer needed in our operations are handled responsibly. Through this process, materials can be recycled, and resources can be efficiently utilized.

Warranties and Repair Collaborations

We strive to minimize unnecessary electronic waste disposal by actively cooperating with our suppliers. When our computers are still under warranty, we collaborate with Lenovo to address any issues or faults. This practice not only extends the lifespan of our equipment but also reduces the need for newly produced electronics.

For a Sustainable Future

Through our efforts to reuse IT equipment and phones, we aim to optimize resource use and minimize our environmental impact. By prioritizing extended lifespans, collaborating with responsible parties, and focusing on repairs, we contribute to a more sustainable future. At Mercur, we are committed to being part of the solution for a sustainable and thriving planet.

Sustainable Work Life – Social Responsibility

Our goal is to have satisfied and well-balanced employees. To achieve this, we offer a hybrid work model with freedom and responsibility, along with generous wellness benefits and comprehensive health insurance.

Great Place to Work®

We believe that the foundation for a successful business is its employees. With freedom with responsibility and a hybrid working model, we have successfully reached the status of being one of Sweden's best workplaces! The result is based on a thorough analysis of employees' confidential responses in the world's largest employee survey, the Trust Index™, conducted by Great Place To Work®.

After a thorough examination of Mercur Solutions' results in our employee survey and their initiatives to create a truly excellent workplace culture for all their employees, we can designate Mercur as one of Sweden's Best Workplaces™ 2023. Mercur is a role model in terms of working with trust, pride, and community, and we hope that more will be inspired to follow suit.

Jeanette Bergvall, CEO Great Place to Work®


At Mercur, we actively work toward a sustainable society through gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. We consider it essential to strive for equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, as it is a sustainability issue relevant to all types of businesses, particularly in the IT industry, which is currently male-dominated.

At Mercur, we have 95 employees, with women comprising 33% and men 67%. Although there is still a gender gap, we aim for as equal a gender distribution as possible within the company. We are proud that our leadership team consists of 50% women and 50% men.

Community Engagement

We find it rewarding and enjoyable that our employees engage in community activities and their children's activities. We sponsor several sports teams in which employees' children participate, with some employees serving as coaches or team leaders.

Encouraging physical activity and movement from an early age contributes to a healthier society. We believe that the habits developed in childhood continue into adulthood.

We also aim to support various organizations that can make a broader impact and help the vulnerable or sick through initiatives such as:

Cycling to Paris!

We are proud to contribute to childhood cancer research by being a Gold Sponsor for Team Rynkeby every year. Team Rynkeby cycles to Paris to raise funds for childhood cancer research.

Holiday Gifts

Every year, our employees vote on which organizations should receive our holiday gifts. Over the years, we have chosen to donate money to organizations such as My Special Day, SOS Children's Villages, Children's Rights in Society, Save the Children International and the Red Cross.

- We help fulfill wishes for children battling through My Special Day.
- We support Children's Rights through a donation to SOS Children's Villages.
- We have chosen to assist the Red Cross in saving lives and providing hope.

Our Values

Our core values should be a natural part of everyday life at Mercur. We work on integrating them into internal communication, in training related to proactive dialogue and leadership, and by promoting an environment that encourages initiative and where it is acceptable to make mistakes.

Curiosity, Creativity, Community, and Long-term Perspective

Our core values reflect how we relate to each other, our customers, and our surroundings.

Our core values themselves are not unique, but it is how we choose to use them in our operations that make Mercur the organization we are.

Curiosity about both colleagues and customers, as well as the outside world, is the foundation for development and learning. By being interested, engaging in conversations, and asking questions, we can develop creative solutions and discover new business opportunities.

Community involves both having a good and respectful relationship with colleagues as well as with customers and having fun together at work. It also creates a pleasant atmosphere that leads to long-term commitment, and employees willingly stay on board.

We internally encourage creativity to develop our own product and find new innovative solutions that provide us and our customers with sustainable business development.

Long-term perspective is about the value we deliver to our customers and solutions that are sustainable in the long run, not just for the moment.

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