A tool for forecasts

In order to be able to monitor and develop different planning processes easily and efficiently, you can advantageously use our software for forecasting. 

With our complete and efficient software for forecasting, Mercur Business Control, you get support through all types of planning processes. For example, you can manage traditional budgets and forecasts as well as forecasts for production or project planning.


Better forecasts give better results

With our software for forecasting you can react to changes in the world more quickly and gain better control over the entire planning process. Something that allows you to work more efficiently with, among other things, budget as well as production and project planning.

Mercur Business Control gives you access to smooth input functionality and you also have the opportunity to choose between any history and reference information. Something that gives you great control and good support for judging the future 

Another advantage of our forecasting software is that you also have support for strategic planning and long-term planning. You can choose the planning horizon and the degree of detail. All for better results.


Control of work processes

In our software there is also integrated a control of work processes which gives the right information to the right person. It also ensures that those in charge have full control and oversight of how the work develops. With this control and workflow you have the opportunity to see where in the process every employee is.


Automated functions

Thanks to automatic functions in out software for forecasting, you speed up the processes and have more more time for other important tasks.

With the control of work processes workflow, as an example, you have the opportunity to receive automatic notifications when a budget or forecast is opened for input, when approaching the deadline and when reporting. Other automatic functions include currency translation and allocations of centrally entered items in the budget.



Another important opportunity to better forecast budgets and other planning processes is to be able to simulate different scenarios for the future. With our Mercur Business Control system you can easily simulate and analyze the effect of different conditions and event processes at different levels.

Easy implementation

At Mercur, we believe it should be as simple as possible for you as a customer to use our forecasting software. Mercur Business Control is therefore, easy to implement with your business system and other important sources of information. The software can also be used for a variety of other uses such as business control and decision support, reporting and analysis, as well as goal management.

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