Budgeting & Forecasting

Mercur Business Control® supports all types of planning processes and handles traditional budgets and forecasts for any time periods including rolling forecasts.

Planning with better control and higher quality

With Mercur Business Control your planning process will become both easier and faster by using our flexible input functionality which can be used for traditional financial planning and detailed planning of sales, production, projects, HR etc.

Historic actuals, or other reference information, according to configuration, is presented in the input image and provides valuable support for users in assessing the future plan or budget. With a click, users can drill down to details, transactions and scanned invoices providing even more information to back up their plan.

You will also find support for strategic planning and long-range forecasts, all with optional planning horizon and granular level detail.


Currency conversion and distributions

Mercur Business Control comes with currency conversion as standard functionality allowing you to automatically convert and simulate different exchange rate scenarios or create reports adjusted for exchange rate differences.

Distribution or allocation of centrally planned items can be completed automatically according to defined rules, e.g. based on consumption rates, internal services ratios, area in square meters or similar.

Immediately after entry, whether from direct input by users or data imports, all data is automatically consolidated so that it is immediately available for analysis at all levels.



Work Process Control

With the integrated module for work process control, managers at all levels have full control over the progress of work and can easily identify what stage in the process each employee has reached. Additionally, automatic messages can be sent, for example, when a budget or forecast is opened, when approaching a deadline or when a user is reported as finished.


Simulations of different scenarios 

With the system's functionality for simulation you can quickly analyse the effects of changing circumstances and developments at various levels. For example, if the business or planning drivers for a department or a product change the system can make an immediate recalculation and display the result.


97% of our customers believe that they speed up the processes and save time with Mercur

With Mercur Business Control you get a unified, feature-rich and complete system that includes everything from standard reports, dynamic reports and analysis to budget, forecasting, goal management and simulation.


Examples of functions 

  • Automatic distributions of centrally planned items

  • Automatic aggregation at all levels

  • Work Process Control (Workflow)

  • Simulations and recalculations

  • Modelling and complex calculations

  • Logical dependencies between different models

  • All the planning in one system

  • Budgeting, forecasting, rolling forecasts

  • Strategic planning and long-range forecasts

  • Management by strategic targets

  • Comment functionality

  • Allocation keys 

  • Input controls

  • Integration with Microsoft Office

  • Automatic currency conversion

  • Support for handling different languages ​​at all levels of the system

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