Mercur Business Control, the common platform for effective planning and monitoring at Coromatic

Coromatic are market leaders in delivering secure access to power supplies and data communications for mission-critical facilities. Coromatic's previous solution for corporate performance management was limited and they needed a new solution. Their solution of choice was Mercur Business Control, which is now in operation across the organization. 

Mercur Business Control has provided Coromatic with a complete solution for corporate performance management, data collection, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis. Mercur Business Control is integrated with several of Cormatic’s source systems, which includes accounting data, customer data, order information as well as personnel data.  

Coromatic has, together with Mercur, developed a robust model for budgeting which is delivered through several calculated business drivers; order book, ordering activity and margins. Additional business drivers are included within the final budget results. Including  drivers such as 'stocking density' within the budget process delivers greater accuracy in final budget results. Mercur Business Control has been designed to simulate multiple scenarios through parameter adjustments which deliver insight based on changing economic and cost parameters. 

One of the project goals was to automate as much of the manual processes as possible to deliver greater efficiency and to increase the accuracy of both the planning and budgetingprocesses.An example of increased automation is the use of Mercur Business Control's allocation functionality. Coromatic's budget model allows automated allocation of overhead costs through the design of centrally defined allocation 'keys' where users can choose the method of allocation and view results instantly. 

Coromatic are leaders in delivering solutions that secure the availability ofpower and data communications for mission critical functions.As an independent system integrator Coromatic's focus is on designing the most robust solution for their customers.Coromatic designs, builds and services technical infrastructuresuch as; datacenters, hospitals, airports and many other 'highly connected' sites. With a focus on environmental impact Coromatic ensures it helps protect the environment throughoptimization of energy consumption. 

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