Operational planning and analysis at Södersjukhuset

Södersjukhuset uses Mercur for forecasting and monitoring finance, personnel, and production. Through the introduction of Mercur, they have received a total solution for operational planning and analysis.

Mercur Business Control is integrated to meet the business requirements for planning and monitoring, including budgeting and forecasting for finance, personnel, and production. The contract was made by SCC IT (Stockholm County Council) jointly for Södersjukhuset (SöS) and Danderyds Sjukhus (DS) in 2010.

SöS and Danderyd Hospital use Mercur Business Control 7 with integration to SCC's data warehouse. Meeting the user's needs at SöS and Danderyd Hospital (over 450 users), the solution offers over 70 reports and graphs to monitor. The system also creates the annual budget and 12 monthly forecasts.

Södersjukhuset is a hospital that provides care to all 2 million people living in the Stockholm area and patients from other counties and abroad. Södersjukhuset receives approximately 100,000 patients yearly for emergency help, from broken bones to heart attacks. In addition, the Sachsska Child and Youth Hospital's emergency department receives about 25,000 visitors annually. On Södersjukhuset, 7,000 children are born each year, and approximately 60,000 patients are admitted annually to one of the hospital's departments.


Mercur Business Control was procured to meet the company's requirements for a system for planning and monitoring to be able to budget and forecast within the framework of finance, personnel, and production. The procurement was made by SLL IT (Stockholm County Council) jointly for Södersjukhuset (SöS) and Danderyds hospital in the spring of 2010.

The background to the procurement was that the hospitals lacked integrated systems to report, compile, consolidate and analyze critical operational data for management. The work on planning, monitoring, and reporting was comprehensive, often manual, and person-dependent, primarily carried out with the support of Excel.

The local project manager at SöS, Kerstin Rosberg, was introduced to Mercur who is a controller with a focus on project management, process development, and system development. Tor Simonsson, who manages the finance function's system at SöS, was responsible for upgrading to Mercur Business Control version 7 in 2013.

- Most of all, we appreciate the overall solution we have created with outcomes, budget, forecast, production, financial, and personnel data in an integrated solution. That Mercur is user-friendly and easily accessible to non-users. Kerstin Rosberg, Controller and local project manager at Södersjukhuset.

Kerstin Rosberg, Controller and local project manager at Södersjukhuset.

How do you use Mercur at SöS?  

Mercur monitors outcome reporting and analysis at organizational levels in real time. There are many users in the organization, and the users can be found centrally and in the business. Controllers to, staff specialists, and managers in various departments use Mercur. 

Mercur is internally called the "Support" and has helped Södersjukhuset so that they can now easily present data from multiple sources (financial personnel and production systems) to their managers, controllers, and personnel specialists. As Tor Simonsson expressed, "Finally, we talk about the same numbers".

Report packages for different roles  

Mercur has several pre-defined standard reports and graphs to present data retrieved from SLL's data warehouse. Different user roles in the system have access to varying combinations of reports in the form of report packages.

For example, the finance function can access a performance report, project report, and project list. In contrast, personnel has access to attendance/absence, the number of employees, salary development, staff turnover, health, illness, etc.

Finally, there are the production reports that focus on volumes, care points, and revenue broken down, for example, in outpatient and outpatient care or used to measure average time.

Forms for budget and forecasting with built-in logic 

The system also contains budget and forecast forms that the users use in the planning processes. For example, the revenue budget includes functions for calculating revenue based on volumes and price appendix based on the healthcare reimbursement system. In addition, there are functions to manage the hospital's extensive internal trade between different clinics.

The upgrade to version 7 - "The most simple BI system I have seen" 

During the fall of 2012, SöS decided to upgrade to Mercur BC7, which was done jointly with Danderyd's hospital in 2013.

The reason why SöS chose to upgrade from Mercur Business Control 6 to version 7 because of a series of new features, a faster and more flexible system as well as a more excellent design, and a system that was perceived to be "in step with the times."

- The most simpel BI system I've ever seen!

One of the managers at Södersjukhuset

With faster systems, SöS is primarily concerned with data loading and is more efficient at drill-down. The features that SöS appreciates most with BC7 are "save and share mode," where you can easily create customized reports and share them with colleagues internally in the system. Simplicity and user-friendliness have also been mentioned as important factors, or as one of the managers expressed, "The most simple BI system I have seen."

Tor Simonsson summarizes that the new system is easy to use and that the training needs are insignificant. Still, as in all projects, it is necessary with a clear division of labor, careful tests, and a timetable adapted to the customer's employees, in this case, controllers with the cyclically varying workload.

Mercurs solution

System: Mercur Business Control
Processes: Budgeting, Forecasting, Analysis, Finance, Personnel, Production

Other: SöS and DS use Mercur Business Control 7 integrated with SLL's data warehouse. Meeting the needs of all users at SöS and Danderyds hospitals (a total of over 450), the solution contains over 70 ready-made reports and graphs for monitoring financial, production, and personnel data. The system is also used to create budgets and 12-month rolling forecasts.

About the hospital: Södersjukhuset offers care to all 2 million people living in the Stockholm area and patients from other counties and abroad. Approximately 100,000 patients come to Södersjukhuset each year to receive urgent help from leg fractures to heart attacks. The Saxon Children's and Youth Hospital's emergency room receives approximately 25,000 visits annually. At Södersjukhuset, more than 7,000 children are born annually, and about 60,000 patients are admitted each year to one of the hospital's departments.

Revenue: 401 MEUR 
Employees: ca 4 486

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