More effective planning reporting and analysis with Mercur Business Control  

Svenska Spel uses Mercur Business Control for operational analysis of its segmental business areas. Mercur also supports the consolidation of all the group’s companies, making it possible to analyze the business from both management & legal perspective.

The introduction of Mercur Business Control

Svenska Spel has a long history of working with Mercur. Mercur Business Control was introduced in 1998.

Since 2007, Mercur supports a new management model with an integrated reporting suite including; scorecards, and operational group consolidation.

 Mercur Business Control is integrated with Svenska Spel's ERP system IFS and the electronic invoice handling system Basware.

A central system with userfriendly uniform processes 

Mercur is used by approximately 300 users in seven business areas which are divided into two divisions. Division BRK is made up of their business areas Bingo, Restaurants, and Casinos. Division SoL consists of their business areas Retail, Internet, Subscription and Association. Mercur also supports Svenska Spel's five administrative functions.

Svenska Spel was formed in 1997 when AB Tipstjänst and Penninglotteriet AB merged. Svenska Spel is now Sweden's leading gaming company with a market share of about 55%. The company has its headquarters in Visby and an office in Stockholm in Sundbyberg. The Group consists of the Svenska Spel, Casino Cosmopol, CC Casino Restaurant, Swedish Spel AB, Casino Cosmopol AB, and the Swedish Spel Service Center.

Manual routines have been eliminated, resulting in a direct gain of 4 Mondays each month.

Svenska Spel

A central system with simple, common routines 

Today, Mercur is used by approximately 300 users in seven business areas, which are divided into two divisions, which reflect Svenska Spel's meeting with the customer. Within Div BRK you will find the business areas Bingo, Restaurant and Casino and Div SoL consists of Shop, Internet, Subscription and Association. In addition, Mercur supports Svenska Spel's five administrative functions.

The operational structure is created in Mercur 

Mercur's advanced allocation and distribution functionality create the operational perspective with analysis of the business areas. Analysis can be made from both a legal and an operational perspective, something which would not have been possible before, without a large manual work effort.

Reorganization and new model 

In the fall of 2004, Svenska Spel brought in a new CEO, which led to a lot of reorganizations in the spring of 2005. This meant sizeable changes not least for the financial controller's operations in terms of; organization, management and reporting. A new model, which included both new report packages and a new control model, was developed.

In connection with this project, a new evaluation of systems from different suppliers was made. Svenska Spel then made the decision to continue using and further developing Mercur according to the new requirements. In selecting Mercur Business Control, Svenska Spel upgraded to the latest version.

In addition, the functionality for group consolidation and comment and a narrative for management reporting was expanded in Mercur.

New control model with balance scorecards in Mercur

The control model, which is formulated for each manager, is based on the tasks to be completed within a certain period. The CEO's longest task is the starting point for all other task levels. An example would include goals about where Svenska Spel should be in ten years across different areas of the business and the incremental steps to reach the goal.

The longest task is then broken down into measurement points and goals. Mercur's scorecard is used to present these goals and goal fulfillment from different perspectives, such as Results, Customer, Process, Responsibility, and Employees.

Increased financial awareness with Mercur Business Control 

The report packages have been modified over the years. In addition to ongoing spontaneous analysis, reporting from Mercur is currently conducted as follows:

  • Monthly reporting - results

  • Quarterly reporting - result + control model

Follow-up meetings are held quarterly with the CEO to review the above reports.

Since the reorganization, Svenska Spel has continued to deliver both operational and legal reporting in Mercur. Additionally, reporting packages and control models have been refined.

Svenska Spel next step, supplier analysis

The next step with Mercur is to develop functionality for purchasing and supplier analysis with links to the company's contract database.

Mercurs solution

System: Mercur Business Control
Users: ca 300
Processes: Budgeting, Forecasting, Goal Management with Balanced scorecards, Reporting and Analysis, Allocations and Distributions

Other: Svenska Spel applies Mercur in multi-company solution with a consolidation company for analysis of the group in total.

About the company: Svenska Spel  was formed in 1997 when AB Tipstjänst and Penninglotteriet AB merged. Svenska Spel is today Sweden's leading gaming company with a market share of about 55%. The company has its head office in Visby and a Stockholm office in Sundbyberg. The Group consists of Svenska Spel, Casino Cosmopol, CC Casino Restaurant, Svenska Spels Förvaltnings AB, Casino Cosmopols Fastighets AB and Svenska Spels Servicecenter.

Revenue: ca 2 066 MEUR
Employees: ca 1 738  

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