Mercur Business Control delivers Performance Management for AJ Products across 20 000 products in 19 different markets 

AJ Products has implemented Mercur Business Control for their performance management and business intelligence requirements.

Decision-makers at all levels at AJ Products use Mercur Business Control to analyze both production and sales in granular detail to gain valuable financial and operational insights. AJ Products have full visibility of their complex international manufacturing and sales processes thanks to Mercur Business Control. 

AJ Products performance management solution before Mercur Business Control

AJ Products' previous solution was extremely complex and time-consuming. Managing the budget process consisted of literally hundreds of Excel files being sent back and forth. This time-consuming and risk-prone process made it a priority to find a new solution. The need for a robust, flexible, and scalable solution for performance management and business intelligence was obvious and the solution selected was Mercur Business Control.

Future expansion with Mercur

AJ Products have a robust business plan to expand by 50% over the next four years and are focusing on personal service as a key driver of that expansion. Thanks to Mercur Business Control, AJ Products can now manage their data and understand buying behavior and how trends are changing. Mercur Business Control will also assist AJ Products to gain a clearer insight into how they may need to adapt to best suit their customers across their markets.

AJ Products are planning to create multiple KPIs in Mercur Business Control as the system features provide users with a simple interface to manage their data. The data can, in an easy-to-consume way, be presented in both reports and dashboards.

Mercur has helped us a lot to look at sales data, profitability and where we need to focus our resources in the future and adapt to the current situation.

-Dr. David Bray, Vice Managing Director & Sales Director, at AJ Products AB


  • Product ERP system: Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Invoice scanning system: Medius Flow

  • Legal consolidation system: AARO

  • HR system: Kontek 

Benefits with Mercur Business Control

Thanks to Mercur, AJ Products have been able to improve their internal processes and better understand their data. They have also saved time and reduced the time-consuming and costly iterative processes by moving from a long process to creating 2 forecasts and 1 budget thereby saving 32% in man-hours.

Lastly, they have been able to accelerate their forecasting processes and find time to manage simulations which have helped them adjust due to the impact of COVID-19.

3 tips from AJ Product 

  1. Spend time on your project plan

  2. Create adequate diary time for implementation 

  3. Only use one internal project leader 

About the company: The AJ Products story begins in 1975 when the young Anders Johansson started the company in his parents’ basement in Hyltebruk, Sweden. Since then, the company has grown and is now represented in 19 countries with more than 20 subsidiaries, 2 factories and more than 700 employees. The product range offered in 1975 was limited to material handling products.

Turnover: 2 billion Euro

Number of employees: over 900

Business activity: AJ Products is a leading mail order company for office furniture, materials handling and storage solutions, by offering over 15,000 quality products at the right price across 19 international markets. 



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