Rolling forecasts with Mercur


Rolling forecasts - what, how and when?

Rolling forecasts - what, how and when? 

Our best tips for rolling forecasts

Forecasting is a central tool for many businesses and organisations trying to envision what the future will bring. More and more people are finding great success in implementing rolling forecasts as a complement or replacement for more traditional forecast models.

  • What are the considerations when implementing rolling forecasts?

  • What are the benefits of using rolling forecasts?

In this webinar we will share our best tips on how to work with rolling forecasts and show you how using a purpose-built tool can simplify and improve your forecasting processes.

We will finish up the webinar with a short presentation of the system functionalities in Mercur Business Control, to support all your budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis needs.

Jean Salminen, Presales Consultant for UK and Ireland, will share his knowledge and experience of how to work with rolling forecasts.

Jean has been with Mercur for over 7 years, first as an Applications and Presales Consultant  and is now head of Presales UK & Ireland. Jean has been instrumental in delivering Mercur Business Control to a broad range of organizations from Costain in Construction, South Western Ambulance Service in Emergency Services to Nomura Asset management in Financial Services.

The best part of working with Mercur is when we help clients maximise the potential in their data and leverage that to get better results, faster and with greater precision.

Jean Salminen, Senior Presales Consultant, Mercur


  1. Our best tips for what to think about when starting your rolling forecast

  2. General presentation of Mercur Business Control for budgeting, forecasting, and reporting

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