Scenario Planning within xP&A

Scenario Planning within xP&A - Greater control during times of uncertainty

In these times of geopolitical instability and economic headwinds, there is a growing need within organisations to deliver frequent forecasting with the capability to analyse and compare multiple forward-looking scenarios ā€“ typical for times of uncertainty. Two common questions you hear could be:

  • How can different internal and external events impact our operations and thus profitability?

  • What outcomes can we achieve by using different mitigation strategies?

This type of analysis of the risks and effects of different options can be called scenario planning, impact analysis, or "what-if" analysis. Modern xP&A solutions are the next evolution of traditional FP&A systems and extend the planning process beyond just the finance team, allowing integrated and cross-departmental planning processes that can deliver rapid, automated, and precise forecasts. 

In this webinar we will focus on the challenges you as finance and operations professionals might face while simulating forward looking scenarios. We finish up the webinar by demonstrating how to handle those challenges within a next generation xP&A cloud application with standard functionality for scenario planning and analysis. 

Join Jean Salminen, Senior Solution Specialist at Mercur Solutions, as he shares his insight into how businesses can improve how they work with scenario planning. Jean has delivered xP&A solutions for organisations in a wide variety of verticals including hospitality, emergency services, manufacturing and heavy industry across the Nordic countries, UK, Ireland, and South Africa.

The best part of working with Mercur is when we help clients maximise the potential in their data and leverage that to get better results, faster and with greater precision.

Jean Salminen, Senior Presales Consultant, Mercur


  1. 5 substantial tips on how you can improve and streamline your work with scenario planning.

  2. How Mercur Business Control® can support the work of scenario planning and analysis.


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