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Veloxic xP&A rips through data for all users anytime, anywhere

Informed Business Decisions at Maximum Velocity

The ability to process information swiftly is essential. If your business can’t manage your data efficiently, your company’s financial performance will surely underperform.  

Today’s data management problems often arise from antiquated storage and retrieval methods. Structured Query Language (SQL), OLAP and disk storage were once satisfactory, but not anymore. 

Companies require business reports more frequently and with greater detail. Monthly analysis is a thing of the past, Management Reports are expected fortnightly, weekly and daily. Depending on the size of operations, the depth of coverage can extend from regional to national to global. Financial scenarios have increased to encompass the requirements for multiple adjustments for interest rates, inflation, supplier and commodity price changes, acquisitions, and others.

Company executives have expressed increasing frustration at not having their data quickly enough to create the projections and reports that modern business practices demand.

No business leader can afford to wait to streamline processes.

Veloxic Helps Financial Planning and Analysis

Our research to make every second count led to Veloxic, the database pivotal to Mercur Business Control. Our extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) application is blisteringly fast and globally accessible. 

Reports generated by Veloxic don’t queue; they are delivered in an 'instant'. No more sending deep data queries or 'kicking off' processes at the end of the working day to provide your system enough time to deliver the answers the following morning. No more denials of access to financial information for key executives during those computations. 

With Mercur Business Control and its powerful Veloxic database, you can collect data, analyse, and generate easy to consume reports that provide you and your colleagues with a comprehensive view of your company’s position and direction. 

Mercur Business Control provides a fast, user-friendly, flexible, and efficient solution for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis, and performance management. All data is encrypted and secure. All key performance indicators (KPIs) are visible on the system’s dashboard.

Identifying the Business Problem

The primary reason so many company departments can’t show trends or current business affairs is their failure to access all data to calculate a projection, forecast or solve some financial problem. The root of their inefficiencies is disparate data silos.

In other words, there is a disconnect between data entered and stored; excel, google sheets, sql database, disparate ledger, adhoc local systems– from a desktop on the other side of the office or at a subsidiary halfway around the world. The data stands alone, almost useless until combined with other data sets.

Mercur Business Control is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that consolidates, combines, aggregates and stores your data. It integrates with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or data source, making it seamless for budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting, and analysis.

Identifying the Business Problem-Veloxic

Veloxic’s Hybrid System Provides Cost-Effective Speed

How, exactly, is Veloxic so quick, versatile and affordable?

Access to large complex and disparate datasets and the consolidation and collection of these data sets has previously been the realm of IT. Even the storage and processing of those data sets has been expensive but no longer. Mercur’s engineers created a hybrid system to combine fast in-memory processing with efficient on-disk storage. 

Veloxic migrates data between memory and disk for greater flexibility and economy than pure memory databases. Veloxic’s memory is used primarily for frequently accessed data to optimise performance. 

Less frequently accessed data is stored on disk, making Veloxic a cost-effective and budget-friendly component of Mercur Business Control.

‘Multi-Dimensional’ Computation of Data

Unlike traditional relational databases optimized for simple queries, Veloxic handles complex, “multi-dimensional” queries. 

Veloxic can examine, say, General ledger and Sales Ledger combination for a specific product category, for a particular customer, within a selected narrow time dimension day, month, quarter, year, within a particular region, and so on. This type of query provides a more detailed and contextual view of data, making it particularly useful for complex analytical tasks and business intelligence queries.

By contrast, a “one-dimensional “query might involve retrieving the total sales for a specific product category. You could use certain commands in SQL to join other data sets, but this can be awkward and slow the a fallback on IT resources to collect, query and then combine data sets. This is times consuming and expensivce.

Features and Benefits

Veloxic, integral to Mercur Business Control, provides many features and benefits.

  • Concurrency management: Veloxic utilises MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control) technology, ensuring that multiple operations can coincide without waiting for other users to finish

  • Continuous data updates: Veloxic data is updated continuously through imports and inputs, keeping the database current and reflective of real-time information

  • Granular data analysis: Veloxic empowers users to dive deep into the data, enabling a comprehensive understanding and versatile reporting.

  • Total freedom and flexibility: Users can analyse data without limitations imposed by the database’s design. The end result is flexible reporting and analysis without compromising performance

  • Integrative capability: Veloxic can seamlessly integrate with various data sources, ensuring a unified view of information across the organisation. For businesses with diverse data streams, this is an invaluable tool.

Intuitive System for Deep Analysis and Business Models

The user interface in Mercur Business Control for building and structuring models, reports and analyses is simple, flexible, and intuitive. With only a little training, you can create whatever you need.

Veloxic’s quick delivery is shown in our data-driven dashboards, you’ll see the KPIs of your business in colourful details coming to you at speed. 

No one should ever be concerned with data limitations or limitation on user number of users. Mercur Business Control takes care of that for you.

Veloxic Mercur Business Control

Drive Forwards with the Powerful Veloxic Engine

You owe it to yourself and your company to get into the driving seat and try out the Veloxic database. You’ll see the sum of the parts – Mercur Business Control, a single unified solution that provides complete agile analysis. 

Arrange a Mercur Business Solutions demo and watch your data come to life. You really will have an Eureka moment. 

As for installation, you can be up and running with Veloxic and Mercur Business Control in just a few days.

World-class performance with Mercur Business Control®

With Mercur Business Control® and its powerful database Veloxic®, you can easily collect data, analyze, and generate beautiful reports that provide you and your colleagues with a comprehensive view of where your company stands and where it's heading. In other words, you get a fast, user-friendly, flexible, and efficient solution for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis, and performance management.

For almost 50 years, we have been assisting hundreds of leading organizations across various industries in managing their operational challenges, allowing them to have more time for analysis and future planning.

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