Of course we will help you all the way! We can perform all services in connection with the implementation and subsequent system management of Mercur Business Control, for example analysis of requirements, project mapping, specification, installation, system configuration, training, maintenance, support and development. Or we can set up the system together with you and, after some training, you can build new reports and develop the system further on your own with limited support from us.

Knowledge and experience for your success

Our consultants have extensive knowledge in the fields of performance management and business intelligence and experience from implementing Mercur Business Control in diverse industries , companies and organizations. We offer a combined competence regarding IT systems and knowledge of financial and business management processes.

As project managers , we bring the project forward together with you through our proven project methodology based on almost 40 years of experience of implementing solutions for performance management.

Our skilled consultants provide the resources needed for a succesful project, which is proven by our good references .

Mercurs konsulter har stor kunskap inom ekonomistyrning, Business Controll implementeirng och teknisk expertis. Genom att använda en bebrövad projektmetod, som bygger på 30 års erfarenhet, bidrar till en hög kundnöjdhet

From project start to go live within a short time

Mercur Business Control is easy and cost effective to implement, and the system will be operational in a short time.  You will soon achieve tangible results in terms of improved financial control, decision support and planning processes, resulting in better understanding and commitment in your organization.

Implementeringsprocessen - Från planering till körbart system inom ett par månader

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