Costain chooses Mercur Business Control

Costain has selected and implemented Mercur Business Control for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. The Mercur Solution has the capability to bring together huge volumes of data from a wide range of systems including ERP’s, CRM’s, Bespoke Applications, Excel Integration and Direct Input, link the datasets together, derive additional dimensions and identify and purge inaccuracies resulting in a rich and powerful application. The Mercur Solution then enables the user to interrogate the application through real-time consolidation and automatically refreshed reporting across a wide array of financial, operational and management reporting requirements with unrivalled drilldown, pivot and analysis across multiple dimensions directly on the screen.

As an Executive Finance Professional with over 30 years experience and a background in Transformation, SAP Certification and PMI Qualified, I have seen and implemented many budgeting, forecasting and reporting solutions. The Mercur Solution is truly one of a kind.

Andrew Lovelace, Head of Finance Transformation

I’m very happy to be working with a company with a long history and I'm looking forward to an exciting and rewarding journey with Costain as a customer!

Derek Morrison, Country Manager

Costain Group is a British construction and engineering company founded in 1865 in Liverpool. Costain works mainly with commercial construction projects helping customers improve their performance across several sectors such as transportation, water, energy and more. The company was part of the construction of the Channel Tunnel that connects UK with France. The company has about 3500 employees across the UK and £1,421m revenue for FY22. 

Mercur Solutions (UK) Limited - UK office

Mercur Solutions Limited
Ocean House, The Ring, Bracknell RG12 1AX, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1344 388 025

Mercur Solutions AB - head office in Sweden

Mercur Solutions AB
Vretenvägen 13, SE-171 54 Solna
+46 (0)-459 69 00


Malmo Office

Stortorget 3, SE-211 22 Malmö


Kyrkogatan 24, SE-411 15 Göteborg

Mercur Solutions

A Swedish company with over 40 years of experience, delivering solutions for performance management and business intelligence.




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