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At Mercur we work to analyze companies and organizations from a value creation perspective. We see that there is often an untapped potential for our customers that handled the right way can result in increased business value. Our approach is based on three different areas, which together constitute the value growth potential that we define in cooperation with the customer. 

Organizational efficiency

With organizational efficiency we mean the methods, processes and solutions designed to simplify and improve business control. The concept also includes automating tasks that in themselves do not create value. Increased organizational effeciency means continuously providing the organization with relevant information at all levels without increasing the administrative burden. This creates participation, motivation and conditions for driving leadership based on an understanding of the whole business model.

Increased business control

The other area where we see great potential for value appreciation is in the business control. Increased business control aims at faster reactions to changing conditions. With immediate access to critical business information, management and employees make key decisions that could be decisive for the commercial development and cost effectiveness.

Predictability in the business development

The third area that we analyze is forward-looking and aims to avoid uncertainty about the future, as far as possible. Here we'll look at the conversion of strategies into relevant plans and accurate forecasts. We investigate whether the planning process works as a control instrument to reach the organization's potential. What is the connection between overall performance management and any budgets or forecasts? Are methods of resource allocation and rewarding employees optimized?

This is how it works

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