Mercur Software as a service, a complete and secure solution for your performance management system

Mercur Software as a Service, means trouble-free system operations without the need for you, as a customer, to have your own servers and infrastructure. You don't need to think about updates, hardware requirements or vulnerabilities.

We handle the entire process  from start to finish and you only pay for what you use. As a result, your costs become more predictable and manageable and you can quickly adapt to changing needs.


Mercur Software as a Service works for all devices,  you have access to the system whether you are in the office, at home or traveling. You can access the system both as a pure web solution or with installed clients on Windows or Mac.


Even when you choose Mercur Software as a Service, you can easily integrate the solution with a large selection of source systems such as ERP, HR systems and other business systems or data warehouses. We offer complete integration to many systems on the market. If you have questions about integration to your particular systems, please contact us. We also support several different auto login services such as Active Directory and Google Ping Identity.

Cloud Architecture

Our Software as a Service architecture is a combination of "multi-tenant" and "multi-instance", which combines the best of both technology worlds. It gives us the opportunity to share resources and scale the environment to hundreds of thousands of users with increased security and redundancy built in. You as a customer have complete control over your own solution with regard to, data storage, users rights and permissions.


All data in the Mercur system and all communications to and from the system are encrypted and can only be accessed by trusted users. To ensure that we maintain the highest security possible, we also conduct regular penetration tests and vulnerability analysis with the help of leading experts in the field of cloud security.
Whether you are a new or existing customer, please contact us to discuss problem-free system operation with Mercur SaaS.

Mercur Solutions (UK) Limited - UK office

Mercur Solutions Limited
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Mercur Solutions AB - head office in Sweden

Mercur Solutions AB
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Malmo Office

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Mercur Solutions

A Swedish company with over 40 years of experience, delivering solutions for performance management and business intelligence.


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