Why Mercur Business Control?

Choose Mercur Business Control and get

Competence that takes you into the future

If you choose Mercur Business Control you will get a market-leading solution for performance management and business intelligence. We have developed and delivered advanced and high quality solutions for planning, reporting and analysis for over 40 years. 

All information in one place

With Mercur Business Control you will have a comprehensive system with rich standard functionality that covers everything from standard reports, dynamic reports and analysis to budgeting, forecasting, strategic targets management, and simulation.

Access whenever and wherever you want

Mercur Business Control is offered as traditional on premise or as cloud solution. If you choose cloud, the only infrastructure required is a web browser and an Internet connection, which gives a quick start and minimizes both the initial investment and the ongoing system management.

Rapid implementation with tangible results

Mercur Business Control is easy and cost effective to implement and the system will be operational in a short time.  You will soon achieve tangible results in terms of improved financial control, decision support and planning processes, resulting in better understanding and commitment in your organization.

Easy to use - easy to learn

Mercur Business Control is easy and fun to use. Common concepts, terminology and metrics together with many graphic presentation possibilities will improve your performance management.

Choose Mercur Business Control and avoid

Decisions on bad grounds

Having all the information in one common solution you can concentrate on making decisions about the future rather than worrying about data quality or which report to use.

Unpredictable costs

System management and operation with limited need of consultants results in predictable costs from the start.

Support tickets traveling around the world

Software development and support from the headquarters in Stockholm with rapid introduction of new functionality based on customer requirements.

Inventing the wheel again

You get ready-made connections to many of the most common standard systems such as MS Dynamics NAV, Visma, Jeeves, IFS, iScala, Agresso, SAP, Raindance, Monitor, MS Dynamics AX, Infor M3, IBS Enterprise and others.

A solution that covers processes for both business intelligence and performance management provides better information and higher business value for the organization.

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