Mercur lets you focus on what's important


Mercur's Guarantee

Mercur Business Control® delivers a more efficient solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting and decision making. We help you understand your financial performance challenges and help you focus on what’s important.

When you choose Mercur we promise to stick to our 5 gurantees! 

Ulf Alkelin, CEO Mercur Solutions AB

All you need in one place! 

All you need! A complete solution for business control and decision support. Why invest in multiple systems? With Mercur Business Control you get both business control and decision support in one solution with functions for both budgeting and forecasting & reporting and analysis. 

A company wide solution which grows as you do, providing information at your fingertips regardless of your role in the organization. Mercur meets your needs without compromise, choose between dynamic reports with built in analysis functions, guided analysis or start in conceptual dashboards through to ad hoc-analysis with 'Twist & Turn'. 


World-class perfomance

Mercur Business Control's delivers a fast, scalable solution irrespective of data size or user concurrency. Our market leading database VELOXIC lives up to high demand even when the amount of data and the number of users exponentially increases. 

Our customers can validate this, we also prove our performance through rigorous  testing with thousands of users concurrently updating the system and calling reports simultaneously.


A fast start and a secure future

You don´t have to invent the wheel all over again.  Mercur Business Control offers a complete solution with thousands of functions and connections to other systems, ready to be immediately configured for your needs. Take advantage of all the standard features we developed in cooperation with our customers.

Get started in no time, fast to implement, easy upgrade


Suitable for everyone

Easy to administer, easy to use. With Mercur Business Control you get the ultimate in usability, both regular users and system administrators have configured interfaces. Mercur's intuitive configuration interfaces gives you full control, you don’t have to hire our consultants to make frequent changes. We promise the right support at the right time, as and when you need it! 

Our intuitive interface makes life easier for both end users and administrators


We take full responsibility

A supplier that takes full responsibility!  In contrast to some so called  'integrated solutions' that are based on components and consultants from different suppliers, Mercur delivers a complete solution from start to finish. Our customers can expect complete service & support from Mercur.

In our regular customer survey Mercur demonstrates  stability and security -  95% of our customers say that they will continue to be customers in five years time


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Mercur Solutions AB
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Mercur Solutions

A Swedish company with over 40 years of experience, delivering solutions for performance management and business intelligence.




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