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Mercur Business Control offers complete integration with Gävle Energi's ERP system IBS Enterprise by which you can quickly generate a Mercur system and a complete interface for a continuous data flow from IBS Enterprise. Gävle Energy uses Mercur's flexible reports with which you can change perspective on the information from IBS to analyze for example projects or facilities like a hydropower station or a district heating network. The information from IBS Enterprise is also used in the planning process, where it is used for deviation analysis and to calculate the budget and forecast proposals, which can then be adjusted by users.

Gävle Energy – rapid development requires good system support

Gävle Energi develops, produces and sells products and services in energy and communication. Operations are developing at a rapid pace, new business areas are being added and business volume is increasing.

With the link to IBS Enterprise and Mercur's dynamic analysis capabilities, we can cover a very large amount of information needs with a limited number of reports

Magnus Nodén, Controller, Gävle Energi AB

Gävle Energi operates in six business areas:

  1. District heating

  2. Local heating (Bionary)

  3. Electricity Network

  4. Electricity Market

  5. Communications network

  6. Electricity production

The company's aggressive investment in broadband expansion, district and local heating expansion and electricity trading places ever greater demands on effective solutions for control and monitoring of operations. To meet the organization's requirements for user-friendly solutions for planning and analysis, Gävle Energi uses Mercur Business Control.

Mercur Business Control with ready connections to IBS Enterprise

Mercur Business Control offers complete integration with Gävle Energy's IBS Enterprise business system with which you can quickly generate a Mercur system, based on structures and code plans in the business system. 

The interface then updates Mercur continuously with code plan and data from IBS Enterprise completely automatically at any time when the system is operational.

Dynamic analysis with Mercur

At Gävle Energi, Mercur's database is automatically updated with code plan and data from IBS Enterprise twice a day. Both balance sheet items and transactions are then available for analysis, monthly reporting, quarterly and annual accounts.

Using Mercur's automatic consolidation functions, the information is aggregated so that Gävle Energi can directly analyze its operations at all levels, for example, divided into the business areas described above or for analysis based on other concepts such as account, department, plant, project, and product. “Installation” means, for example, a hydropower station or a district heating network, while projects may refer to the development of a new district or a broadband network.

The products consisting the principle of everything that is chargeable, such as cable TV, energy analysis, electricity agreements, connection fees, internet capacity, etc.

By utilizing Mercur's hierarchies and multidimensional database, Gävle Energi offers very flexible and dynamic analysis possibilities for its users. Often, users want to see the business from different angles, for example from a financial perspective with accounts or report lines or from a plant, product, or project.

With ”drill-down”- functionality, the user gets exactly the perspective of the business that the situation requires.

- We are able to twist and turn the information to analyze, for example, projects or facilities. In addition, our users appreciate that Mercur simplifies and enhances the quality of the work we plan!

Magnus Nodén, Controller, Gävle Energi AB

Forecasts and budgets based on information from IBS Enterprise

The information from IBS Enterprise is also used in the planning work, where it is used both for variance analysis and to calculate budget and forecast proposals, which can then be adjusted by the users.

The approximately 40 users, mostly department heads, have access to the previous year's results and the latest forecast, which supports them in their assessments of the future. The user also has the opportunity to use the transaction button to see all underlying transactions linked to a balance.

By connecting to IBS Attest, the user can also see the scanned invoice on the screen directly in Mercur as needed. Industry-specific accrual keys that take into account seasonal variations in consumption patterns, support users in entering, for example, revenues and production costs.

Plans in Mercur Business Control 

Gävle Energi today has a well-developed solution for its business management, but still sees several areas where in the future you can get even more value from the investment in Mercur Business Control.

There are plans to develop the forecasting routine and introduce rolling 12-month forecasts and a cash flow analysis. There are also opportunities to develop planning by budgeting for quantities (ex MWh). In addition, there are plans to link Mercur to the project module APM in IBS Enterprise and Gävle Energy's personnel system Hogia. 

Mercurs solution

System: Mercur Business Control 7
Processer: Budgeting, Forecasting, Monthly Reporting, Tertiary and Annual Report, Business Analysis

Other: Through a long-term partnership, Mercur offers complete integration with IBS Enterprise. Gävle Energi also has a link directly from Mercur to IBS Attest for invoice rejection in connection with in-depth analysis to transaction level.

About the company: Gävle Energy is wholly owned by Gävle municipality's holding company Gävle Stadshus AB. The group includes the parent company Gävle Energi AB and the wholly owned subsidiary Gävle Kraftvärme AB. In addition, Gävle Energy owns the following companies together with other companies/municipalities: Bionär Närvärme AB - Gävle Energi (59%), Ockelbo municipality (24%), Älvkarleby municipality (17%) Gävle Energisystem AB - Gävle Energi (95%) Söderhamn NÄRA ( 5%) Bomhus Energi AB - Gävle Energi (50%), Korsnäs AB (50%) SBI Ekogas AB - Gävle Energi (49%), Swedish Biogas AB (51%) Norrsken - Gävle Energi (close to 10%). GavleNet is Gävle Energi's trademark for broadband.

Revenue: 95 MEUR
Employees: ca 200 

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