Fast and stable reporting with Mercur in the chocolate factory

With Mercur the chocolate manufacturer Icam has achieved speed and stability in its’ reporting and planning processes. Every month they can quickly produce financial statements based on standard cost of goods sold and formulas to define accruals and adjustments. Moreover they can easily update their forecasts monthly with the system's drives based calculation functions. Report packages for the management are then created quickly based on predefined templates.

When Icam compares with its previous Excel-based solution they highlight especially the stability of Mercur’s calculation methods and the ability to access any actual, forecast and budget data in a single secure database. 


The solution lends itself very well to make analysis over time and compare the results of different periods. In addition they use the system very much to drill down into different business dimensions to perform dynamic performance analyzes.



ICAM is the leading company in the sector of non-conventional chocolate production: organic, fair trade, sugar-free and gluten-free. ICAM is thus an ambassador worldwide for Italian quality in the art of making chocolate. Behind this role are the manufacturing processes which since the company was founded in 1946 have been based on creativity, cutting edge technology and a watchful eye on the market, which contributes to the success of the chocolate produced in Lecco, Italy, for consumers worldwide.


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