A complete solution for monitoring finance, operations, human resources and projects

Familjebostäder in Gothenburg has created a complete solution for their operations with Mercur Business Control. Mercur is currently the place for all information relating to operations and facilitates and streamlines the planning, reporting, and analysis for employees at all levels.

Background - manual routines and increasing requirements

Familjebostäder's property management has a long-term perspective with a focus on creating value for both the company's customers and for its owner Gothenburg City. Other goals for Familjebostäder are to contribute to Gothenburg's development, be a professional public benefit, and fulfill the Group's business plan, which places high demands on business control.

In the past, Familjebostäder relied heavily on manual routines to plan and monitor its operations. A lot of time was spent collecting, validating, and compiling data before it could be presented to the organization's decision-makers. This sometimes meant that there was too little time left for analysis and monitoring the business.

Increased demands to be able to provide decision-makers and users at different levels quickly with reliable information and to facilitate and improve the planning processes pushed a need for a standard solution for business management.

We can independently develop reports and analyzes to support the information needs at all levels of the organization with Mercur.

Ulf Berglund, Chief Financial Officer, Familjebostäder in Gothenburg AB

Mercur - the best option at the procurment 

After a procurement, Mercur emerged as the best option. An important deciding factor was that Familjebostäder could administer and develop the system itself. Following a rapid implementation within the specified timeframes in 2006, Familjebostäder has continued to develop reports for its various user categories, from caretakers to central functions.

Another reason why Familjebostäder decided on Mercur was that the solution was proven and cost-effective with many references. In addition, the software was already in use at a number of other public housing companies that could testify to a fast, simple, and flexible solution.

Planning "top down" and "bottom up" 

In connection with the introduction of Mercur, they started by drawing up forms for budgets and forecasts. Here it turned out that the work was considerably simplified through Mercur's connection to the financial system XOR.

All concepts such as accounts, profit units, projects, and contracts are automatically updated from the financial system and the templates are also dynamically supplemented with new concepts. In addition to simplified maintenance, the direct connection to the financial system provides all the necessary reference information, for example, the results of the previous year or the current year's forecast are available directly in the planning templates.

Through access to transactions and scanned invoices, the quality is further enhanced. Therefore, judgments about the future are always based on correct information about the current situation.

The budget process takes place in several steps

First, a central framework budget is established, which in the next step is distributed to the result units with keys based on the number of apartments/premises or the number of square meters of premises and living space. This is done automatically according to predefined system routines in Mercur.

Thereafter, adjustments are made to the results of unit managers. By linking to the staff system Svensk Lön, Mercur also supports a detailed individual budget at the individual level with automatic calculation of payroll costs and monitor services, positions, and salary types.

The solution also offers planning and monitoring of projects broken down by project managers or project types such as maintenance, renovation, remodeling, new construction, and so on.

Integrated reporting and key performance analysis

Once the budget and forecasting forms were in place, Familjebostäder continued to develop a large number of reports and key figures analyzes on its own. The key figures used are the number of apartments, different types of space, rents, revenue per square meter, etc.

In the analysis, one can choose to start from a hierarchical level and then analyze in-depth with “drill-down”. On the implementation side, you can then drill down to districts, working groups, and neighborhoods before descending on an individual result unit, that is property.

Functions such as electricity, water, and other operating costs can also be analyzed through the concept of purpose.

The step to Business Control 

Since the introduction of Mercur we have been able to work more efficiently, Familjebostäder has been able to take the step towards more developed business management.

The role of the finance function has also changed to become an important support for the generation of business-related "customer-adapted" information and to an even more important partner in the development of the business.

Mercurs solution

System: Mercur Business Control 7, Mercur Web Deploy

Processes: Budgeting, Forecasting, Project Planning / Follow-up, Reporting and Analysis

Other: Mercur is integrated with the financial system XOR, the salary system Svensk Lön and the real estate system IBS Real Estate and has links to the invoice scanning system Baltzar. In addition, the system offers direct login via connection to Active Directory.

About the company: Familjebostäder in Gothenburg AB owns and manages about 18,000 rental apartments in Gothenburg. In close cooperation with their customers, Familjebostäder develops living residential areas that create lasting values for customers as well as employees and owners. Familjebostäder have apartments in almost all of Gothenburg. Family housing is part of Förvaltnings AB Framtiden, wholly owned by the City of Gothenburg. 

Revenue: 119 MEUR 
Employees: ca 250 

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