HSB ProjektPartner have time for analysis after the introduction of Mercur Business Control

HSB ProjektPartner works with many large projects and a large number of companies in the corporate group. They chose to implement Mercur Business Control to avoid manual processes with Excel, get more reliable information and save time.

At HSB Mercur is integrated with the ERP system Agresso, which means import of all the transactions from the ledger. The actuals enable follow-up of operations and are used as a basis for budgeting and forecasting. It's also possible to see the underlying transactions and with the link to the invoice scanning system BasWare users has access to scanned invoices,  which also gives excellent support to users when they estimate future costs.

HSB ProjektPartner is HSB's joint business company owned by the 31 regional HSB associations. HSB ProjektPartner AB's central task is to support the construction of housing for members through partnerships. The company also operates in the areas of Procurement, Real Estate, Finance and Insurance.


HSB ProjektPartner decided to procure a system for budgeting, analysis and consolidation in the fall of 2010. The aim was to achieve faster reporting with safer figures and more time for analysis. HSB previously worked with a lot of manual processes with Excel as a support and a system where few people had the skills to enter data. In addition, there was also the need for more effective consolidation and improvement.

HSB wanted to get consolidation into the same system as budgets, forecasts and analyzes, but that did not mean that consolidation became less powerful or efficient. The system would also be easy and educational to use as there are many different parties that will enter data such as project managers, controllers, financial manager and management / board.

Goals with the project 

  • Higher security of information in the system to avoid manual handling in Excel with many self-composed documents.

  • Gather all the information in one place to extract information that is up-to-date and accurate.

  • Reduce manual handling in Excel.

  • Faster reporting and better reports to increase the time for analysis and to be able to do more analyzes. 

  • Be able to aggregate the information in a smoother way as HSB has 150 companies in the Group.

The choice became Mercur Business Control 

HSB was careful to develop a clear requirements specification and after evaluating different suppliers, the choice became Mercur Solutions. One of the important reasons why we chose Mercur Business Control was the ease of use.

The fact that there was already a collaboration with Aaro, which was HSB's future partner in group reporting and consolidation, also made the choice easier. With the help of a consultant from Mercur, the installation and construction of reports for balance sheets and income statements as well as project follow-up from a variety of perspectives took place.

Most satisfied with project follow-up

All assignments that HSB ProjektPartner has are in project form and the model for project follow-up in Mercur is one of the functions you are most satisfied with. The projects do not follow the calendar year but can last for a long time, up to several years. It consists of many different events and decision points along the way.

Everything from idea, budget per project to the building surface, number of apartments sold and key figures. Mercur's solution for project follow-up has been developed specifically for HSB and is a process that has been successfully developed and improved based on needs and wishes.

Today, the projects are followed up individually as well as at the regional and total levels, based on various events and for the respective project managers..

I feel much more secure with the data that comes in and have more time for analysis. Instead of spending time collecting data, we can now focus on more important analyzes.

Berit Hanson Landberg, CFO HSB ProjektPartner

Web-based interface

An important factor that led HSB ProjektPartner to choose the upgrade from Mercur Business Control 6 to BC 7 was the web-based interface. Since the reporting is done by project managers, external companies and cooperative associations abroad, it is necessary to simplify the year in the system when reporting and when drawing reports.

It works fast and smoothly and has made it easier for project managers to keep track of all parts of the project.

Link to Agresso 

At HSB, Mercur is integrated with the business system Agresso, which reads all transactions from the general ledger. The outcomes enable monitoring of the business and are used as a basis for budgeting and forecasting.

It is also possible to see underlying transactions and through the link to the BasWare invoice scanning system you have access to scanned invoices when marking a transaction, which also provides excellent support for users when making future cost estimates.


Berit Hanson Landberg, CFO at HSB ProjektPartner, shares her best tips.

  • Be careful about the requirements specification, think through the existing processes and what you want to achieve. 

  • Prioritize the different parts. It is better to get started with the basic part before adding further processes.

  • Get everyone in to the game. It is good if the management makes high demands and follows up afterwards.

  • If there is no clear project manager internally with time and resources, hire a good consultant to drive the project forward.

Next step at HSB ProjectPartner 

As a next step, HSB sees a complete business follow-up where all information from Aaro is loaded into Mercur in order to be able to follow up at Group level directly in Mercur. This is to make the figures available to more people and enable more in-depth analyzes. 

HSB also wants to invest in developing liquidity planning as the need to anticipate the flow of payments and disbursements at different times is important in the various projects in order to be able to act on time if needed.

Mercur's solution

System: Mercur Business Control 7
Processes: Budgeting, Forecasting, Analysis, Group Consolidation, Project Monitoring

Other: HSB uses Mercir Business Control with a link to Agresso and Aaro and the electronic invoice management system BasWare.

About the company: HSB ProjektPartner is HSB's joint business company owned by the 31 regional HSB associations. HSB ProjektPartner AB's central task is to support the construction of housing for members through production in partnership. The company also conducts operations in the business areas Purchasing, Real Estate, Finance and Insurance.

Revenue: 497 MEUR
Employees: ca 52

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