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In many organisations manual budgeting processes over-burden staff and create masses of data which overwhelms department heads and stops them seeing the bigger picture. When managers get bogged down in the line-item detail, insight and strategic overview can be lost.

There is no longer any excuse for organisations to continue with labour-intensive processes and procedures such as the consolidation and checking of spreadsheets. Digital solutions are now cost-effective and free up personnel to focus on real-time, continuous planning and analysis which will improve the business. 

Collaboration between people and departments is critical to an effective planning process, whether this is planning within a functional team, as in sales operations planning, or participating in the finance-led corporate planning process. Collaboration solutions are available which allow departments to work together with other planners across the entire enterprise. Understanding how all the individual departments fit into the organisation’s strategic plan produces a more efficient business and budgets and planning cycles can be more useful when there are smarter working solutions deployed. No department operates in isolation so why should the budget and planning process? 

Collaborate with software 

Using systems that link detail to accountability increases accuracy as operational managers can view forecast or budget items that they manage and see how their numbers fit into the holistic business model. This type of Business Performance Management Solution (BPM) is becoming increasingly prevalent in corporate finance departments.

Time-saving measures - Collaborative budgeting software alleviates many of the time-intensive problems with the budgeting cycle. Organisations no longer need to filter through multiple spreadsheets, because all the information is connected in real-time. “What-if” scenarios can be instantly applied allowing fast decisions.

Improves performance - Enabling a cross-flow of information between different functional groups not only improves the output of the business as a whole but less time spent number-crunching and on menial tasks which motivate employees and managers by giving them a greater understanding of the strategic priorities of the organisation. 

Mercur Business Control is a leading cloud-based application for enterprise forecasting, budgeting, planning, close and reporting and can easily go beyond finance with extended solutions for operations. It fully integrates with any ERP system and other relevant sources of information like; production, sales and HR systems. By having all this information in one common solution, users can concentrate on making decisions about the future instead of worrying about processing data. Users have the ability to interrogate the data and enable integrated analysis and reporting which can be deployed to a distributed base of operational end-users. 

Mercur allows a company to transform its company-wide planning process with a streamlined planning solution which brings all plans together from all functional departments. A complete picture of the company is possible when it comes to actual performance, trend analysis and comparison against budgets. As a result, the organisation can make better decisions faster, and gain a true competitive advantage.

  • Mercur Business Control is easy and cost-effective to implement and the system will be operational in a short time.

  • It is completely customisable to reflect a company's organisational structure and ownership for accounts, products, customers, channels etc.

  • All information is in one place with a comprehensive system with rich standard functionality that covers everything from standard reports, dynamic reports and analysis to budgeting, forecasting, strategic targets management and data simulation. 

If you choose Mercur Business Control you will get a market-leading solution for corporate performance management and business intelligence. It has developed and delivered high-quality solutions for planning, reporting and analysis for over 40 years and is a complete solution for corporate performance management and business intelligence. 

It gives you and your organisation support for effective planning and business analysis, in other words, tools needed for better performance and growth. 

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