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We have worked for several years with clients in the housing and property industry, where we have developed various solutions handle challenging demands on performance management of the industry. There is for example a great need to streamline planning and follow-up of maintenance projects and new construction projects, including its effects on funding and liquidity. 


  • Rising costs of financing and personnel.

  • To meet the increasing demand for more housing.

  • Going from central control to a delegated profit and cost responsibility.

  • Streamline planning and monitoring of new construction projects.

  • Streamline personnel planning with many employee categories.

  • Being able to use a large amount of detailed information on the property portfolio to create comparability and analysis of key performance indicators.

Our solution: 

  • A solution that is easy to use for line managers who are "non-finance employees".

  • Functions for project budgeting and monitoring of various project types.

  • Detailed personell budget on individual level, integrated with the HR system.

  • Clear, user-friendly reports and analysis of key performance indicators based on information from the building management systems and other data sources.


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