The Importance of Management Reporting

It can be a real challenge preparing and presenting your data to your management team. With the help of Mercur management reporting, you’ll be able to work more efficiently, create greater collaboration and make improved informed decisions. Here's 3 tips to consider when preparing your management reports. 

3 tips on how to prepare your management reports

1. Insights that drive performance 

By finding valuable insights in your reports, it’s much easier to make the right decisions. Take your time and analyze your data and prepare your reports with both internal and external insights that provide value for your organization. According to a Deliotte management reporting survey only 24% of time is spent on analysis of reports and the reason is that companies are spending more time on low value-added activities. By finding valuable insights you’ll be able to drive performance in the organization through focusing on what's important.

2. Create reports that are easy to read

Use dashboards and charts that visualize your data in a clear way. Only present the essentials in your reports and if the management team asks for more information make sure to create a report that’s drillable to source transactional data. Keep it simple by only showing the most important KPI:s.

Below you’ll find an example of a report from Mercur Business Control:



3. Collaborative reports

With all your information in one single solution it’s much easier to collaborate. Create reports that you can share with other departments within the organization, 'build once deployed to many'. This way it will be easier for you and your colleagues to find valuable insights from your monthly management reports. Create reports that are accessible at any time and keep them up to date with real-time data.

Management Reporting Software

Mercur Business Control is one of the leading solutions for management reporting. In our cloud-based application you can connect multiple data sources, collaborate in your reports, 'capture forecasts and narrative' and deliver your insights. By encouraging a data-driven organization it's easier to make improved informed decisions and at the same time focus on your business growth. We’ve helped 1000 of Mercur Business Control users  manage cost and grow profits for over 40 years. Read about Hellman and how they manage performance in 56 countries in real time. 

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