Why xP&A is a powerful game-changer

The newest iteration of planning, analysis and reporting systems is a powerful game-changer that unites groups, cost centres, departments, divisions or subsidiaries and boosts competitiveness. It’s called xP&A – the abbreviation of extended planning and analysis. 

Top performance management of all company data

Would you use old data or forward it to someone in your team to make decisions affecting your business's competitiveness and bottom line? Surprisingly, many companies do. They operate without a complete data management system that enables all managers to see an accurate, complete business picture.

xP&A helps to optimise a company’s full potential across all essential functions: finance, human resources, sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, IT and R&D. It’s an effective way of ensuring companies are in tune with their data to capitalise on every business opportunity. 

Real-time data for insightful analysis

With xP&A, all managers input their plans, forecasts, non-financial of financial data into a real-time connected system. The resulting data pool enables groups, cost centres, departments , divisions or subsidiaries to work together remotely or in any office for prompt decision-making. They can create financial and operational plans such as rolling forecasts from up-to-the-minute data.

Compare this with managers working in isolation. They number-crunch and forecast in “silos”, often to their organisation’s detriment. The exported data is often old, with time decay not showing the current picture.

Surveys back this up. Professional services firm PwC reports that less than 50% of chief executive officers say projects “typically deliver on their initial financial forecasts”.

This comes at a time when more insights are expected from chief financial officers (CFOs). IT consultancy firm Accenture says that 62% of CFOs are seeing more demand for insights from financial data, and 53% worry that finance is too reactive. In its survey, financial planning and analysis teams were found to spend 85% of their time on tactical and labour-intensive production tasks to prepare data and only 15% on generating insights. 

Integrated supply chain and financial planning

Most businesses have experienced supply chain issues, particularly after Covid. One of xP&A’s benefits is that it can make the delivery of goods and services from supplier to customer more efficient.

But according to industry researchers Gartner, only 18% of companies rate their sales and operations preparation for potential disruptions as excellent. 

Drill down to more basic but fundamental business activities, and the findings are alarming. Gartner says 50–60% of large enterprises still use spreadsheets as the primary tool for planning and budgeting despite increasing analytics and data complexity.

There must be a better connection between accurate data delivery and insightful analysis. Companies must act with current figures efficiently and spend more time calculating good business decisions.

Mercur Solutions surveyed its customers and found that xP&A allowed them to do precisely that. Since switching to its xP&A system, Mercur Business Control®, 94% say they now have more time for analysis and monitoring. 

The outcome is that all these companies can dive deep into current supply chain or other operational and financial data. Their teams can create graphics to illustrate problems and timely solutions.

Switching to xP&A

You might ask whether switching to xP&A requires a significant change in work practices. 

Not at all. Users continue to input data, and xP&A makes it available to all company managers, offering the following benefits as needed.


xP&A increases agility, enabling businesses to adapt and respond quickly to changing market conditions. Organisations can adjust their strategies and make informed decisions without delays.

Enhanced visibility

With a centralised platform, all managers have a holistic view of the entire organisation’s performance. This enables better tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying trends, and spotting potential issues early on.


As businesses grow and evolve, their planning and analysis needs change. With an integrated platform, organisations can easily add or modify functionalities to support their expanding requirements.

Business will become even more data-driven. Companies must connect optimum delivery and current business information management to maintain or gain a competitive edge.

Mercur Business Control®

Mercur Business Control creates customer value in improved financial and operational performance and greater efficiency. Mercur Business Control provides solutions for:

  • Corporate performance management and business intelligence

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Reporting and analysis

  • KPI management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration, and more.

Veloxic is a distinguishing feature

Mercur Business Control features Veloxic, a multi-dimensional, hybrid database. This combines in-memory database architecture with the ability to use on-disk storage. Veloxic can accommodate many users at the same time with great flexibility and quick response times.

A variety of organisations enjoy the benefits offered by Mercur Solutions. In the UK and Ireland, these include NHS, Emergency Services, Costain, Crystal Palace Football Club, CPL Resources, gap personnel, Seetec, PM Group and Scottish Sea Farms.

You can click these links for more about why CPL Resources, gap personnel and Costain chose Mercur Business Control.

xP&A with Mercur Business Control® 

At Mercur, we have developed the market leading solution for business control and decision support, Mercur Business Control®, which can easily be  implemented in all types of organizations.

With Mercur Business Control®, you can effortlessly collect data, analyze it, and produce polished reports that provide you and your colleagues with a comprehensive picture of where your company is and where it is heading. In essence, you get a fast, user-friendly, flexible, and efficient solution for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis, and goal management.

We have helped hundreds of leading organizations across various industries manage their operational challenges, allowing them to have more time for analysis and future planning.

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