How to Plan, Budget and Forecast for 2024

This year has been different and will have resulted in changes to your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes and results. The initial plans, budgets and forecasts for the year 2023 you created have probably changed from the originial, and forced you to adapt to the current climate and more flexible processes. Here are 5 tips on how to help you plan, budget and forecast for 2024. 

5 tips

1. Flexible planning

Be flexible in both strategic and operational planning when you set your goals for 2024. It’s important to understand the current market and be aware of changes. Don’t set unrealistic goals when you are planning and keep your organisation informed when you make any plan changes. 

2. Allocate the appropriate revenues and costs at department level

To be able to have a successful plan you need to set a budget for the coming year. It’s not all about saving money but also the correct allocation to the correct departments or divisions. Make sure that your departments or divisions understands their allocations and any tops down allocation adjustment.

3. Forecasting during hard times

It’s difficult to predict the future when the world is changeable. Living in uncertainty makes it almost impossible to assume anything. By forecasting for different scenarios, you can update the budget and forecast as needed.

4. Don’t plan, budget & forecast in spreadsheets

It’s very common for organizations to plan, budget and forecast in spreadsheets, even though there are some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages you might face are; it’s time consuming, no collaboration, spreadsheets are inherently error-prone and involve a lot of manual work. Read our eBook Mastering spreadsheets for more tips.

5. Plan, budget and forecast in a budgeting software solution

By investing in a budgeting software solution, you will be able to plan, budget and forecast in one single solution. It’s easy to set goals, plan for future scenarios and collaborate across different departments or divisions. Monitor all your planning, budgeting and forecasting in real-time.

Plan, budget and forecast in Mercur Business Control

Mercur Solutions has developed the market leading solution for planning, reporting and analysis. Mercur Business Control is the solution for corporate perfomance management and business intelligence. Read Saab's journey on how they improved and streamlined business management and decision-making with the help of Mercur Business Control. 

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