Mercur receives outstanding results from their latest customer survey 

Mercur’s customer survey this year provided strong confirmation that together with our customers we create and deliver invaluable solutions. Over 97% of Mercur’s customers believe that Mercur Business Control helps them make better decisions, enables faster processes, provides the organization with more time for analysis and monitoring, and delivers improved control across their organization. 

Our customer survey is an important source of information for us to seek out areas of improvement and review areas of exemplary service and product satisfaction. We are delighted that in these extraordinary times almost  half of our customers participated in the survey. It is testimony to the strength and value which Mercur Business Control delivers that 96% voted that they would still be customers of Mercur in five years’ time. We strongly believe that our company ethos of building both strong long-term relationships and robust value led solutions works and is appreciated by our customers

Answering the question “How likely are you to recommend Mercur to a colleague or a friend?” over 80% picked one of the three highest ranked options from a scale from 0 (not likely) to 10 (most likely). 

The KPI Net Promoter Score (NPS) gave Mercur a score of +40, a number we’re very proud of as it shows that we have many strong  ambassadors in our customer community that are happy to share our solutions with others. 

It’s incredible to see that our customers are recommending us to friends and colleagues! Having an NPS Score at +40 is an amazing result which we’re very proud of!

Ulf Alkelin, CEO at Mercur Solutions

The numbers together with all the spontaneous comments show that we’re working in the right direction and that the trust we’ve built through the years is still going strong through building and retaining great customer relationships.  

Thank you to all customers who engaged and participated in the survey!

What is it that makes our customers recommend Mercur?

“Easy to use and flexible to what you really need. Easy to integrate data from other systems”.

“Very good customer service and engagement. Good technical support. Stable product”. 

“User-friendly, flexible and fast”.

“The overall picture of Mercur is a; flexible system, good consultants and fast start-up of the system”.


See how we helped others through the years! 

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