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The distribution network MTD supplies newspapers, parcels and other items throughout Sweden via some 40 terminals and about 8,000 distributors. The large volumes of shipments in combination with high demands on distribution security require efficient and safe processes for planning and follow-up.


"Thanks to Mercur Business Control, we have now got a much better overview and control over our numbers and data! The follow-up process has gone from being centralized and time-consuming to being decentralized and time-efficient. Any discrepancies are quickly detected by the business managers and can now be rectified immediately. The next step is to expand our internal follow-up with respect to margins by business area and customer. "

Elisabeth Liverfalk Lemon, Chief Financial Officer, MTD



We are pleased to assist yet another company in the distribution industry with system support for streamlining their routines and processes for sustainable business management in a complex environment.

Ulf Alkelin, CEO Mercur Solutions



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