Predict with Business Intelligence 

Organizations couldn't expect COVID-19 and especially not the impact it would have on the entire world, but they could've prepared for it with the help of business intelligence. 

How can BI help you prepare for the future?

With the help of Business intelligence (BI), you'll have one shared vision of the truth, meaning you'll have the power to understand and read different trends. Business Intelligence will make it possible to quickly analyze complex tasks, which will allow your business to take action when needed. Bringing this information into your organization will make it much easier to prepare for the future and the unpredictable. 

3 tips on how to prepare for the future with Business Intelligence

  1. Plan for different scenarios
    You might fear the amount of time it requires to plan for different scenarios, but it doesn't have to be too complicated. With the help of a business intelligence solution, you can automate the workflow process and avoid human errors. In your BI solution, you can also work with a driver-based model, which allows you to create a faster and more robust plan or scenario.   

  2. Integrate your ERP systems with a BI solution 
    By integrating different sources of information with a business intelligence solution, you'll have all your data in one common platform. It will make it much easier for you to collaborate across all departments and make faster data-driven decisions. Use only one shared vision of the truth for the entire organization, and it will help you save a lot of time. 

  3. Links and correlations
    How much data do you have? If you have enough data look for different links and correlations. It's a perfect essence to prepare for the future. To make it easier to analyze your data, use user-friendly dashboards. With the help of different charts, you can check for anomalies and spikes and monitor them for some time to see if you need to take any actions.  

Implementing a Business Intelligence solution 

In a constantly changing world, it's essential to understand trends and be prepared for worst-case scenarios. With the help of a business intelligence solution, it's much easier to act fast and tackle any obstacles that may come your way. You can't predict the unpredictable, but you can prepare for it, so choose a solution that supports your needs. We have all learned a lot from 2020, and living in uncertainty became the new normal, as we all know. Therefore, we strongly recommend that your organization implement a business intelligence solution and use your data to prepare for different future scenarios. By understanding the current market and situation, your organization can adapt quickly to changes, all with the help of data and insights. 

Mercur Business Control 

If you're looking for a modern solution for business intelligence and corporate performance management, we have the solution, Mercur Business Control. Mercur Business Control is easy to implement, and you can integrate any source of information, for example, ERP systems, data warehouses, and data lakes. We have delivered our solutions for over 40 years to over 300 customers.

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