Mercur speaks at Jfokus - Sweden's largest conference for developers!

Jfokus is Sweden's largest conference for developers, this year held at the Waterfront Congress Centre in Stockholm for three intensive days, 6-8 February. Last year, more than 1,700 participants came to listen to some of the world's premier Java experts. This year, Anders Ahlgren, Solution Architect at Mercur Solutions, received the honour to be one of the speakers.

Anders Ahlgren is a trained computer scientist, has 30 years of experience developing software in a dozen different programming languages, and has a doctorate in mathematical logic. He is the main architect of Mercur Solutions proprietary non-relational database. He is responsible for several components in Mercur's solutions, primarily those located close to the operating system and the hardware, or where performance demands are high. Anders is particularly interested in how to best combine simple and elegant solutions that require high performance.

During the Jfokus Anders will focus on how to utilize modern hardware better. They say it is a multi-core world. Really? You may have to fight to get more than one VPU at customer sites. Even when on an actual physical multi-core, keeping all cores busy usually isn't the hardest problem you face. You may see all your cores working all out, but it may be a lie. Even if they seem busy, your cores might be "bored". They may be stalled for memory access, or at least not use their instruction-level parallelism to the fullest. 

Anders will show some small code examples that might surprise you, even if you think you know of the importance of cache locality, pre-fetching, and branch prediction. There is no general magic solution, but Anders will get you started thinking the right way, give you some tips, and perhaps make you question some of the accepted "truths" of performance.

Jfokus is Sweden's largest conference for developers and arranged for the 11th consecutive year, with about 100 lectures and more than 1,700 participants from around the world.


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